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Often our SKIN, HAIR, and NAILS can give us clues to how the health on the inside is going. They can tell us about our hormone levels, immune system, gut health, and liver health.

There are several products in the HEALTHY HABITS KIT that help with our SKIN, HAIR, and NAILS:

• Probiotic Defense Formula

• Lavender Essential Oil

• Frankincense Essential Oil

• Lemon Essential Oil

• The Vitality Supplements – Cellular Vitality Complex

• The Vitality Supplements – Essential Oil Omega Complex

• The Vitality Supplements – Food Nutrient Complex

When our gut is depleted of healthy bacteria, we will often see skin and hair related issues. As toxins or unhealthy bacteria congest areas like the lungs and the liver, the body starts getting rid of them through the skin and hair.

When our body is under malnourished, we will see our SKIN, HAIR, and NAILS deplete. The body will pull the nutrients to more important organs and bodily processes. The Food Nutrient Complex of the Vitality Supplements will make sure that the body is getting all the basic nutrition needed each day.

The Vitality Supplement’s Cellular Vitality Complex reduces oxidative stress which really plays a part in the aging process. This makes this supplement beneficial for the skin.

The Essential Oil Omega Complex of the Vitality Supplements provides vital antioxidants and omega fatty acids that lubricate joints, hydrate the skin, nourish hair follicles, protect the skin from the sun damage, and strengthen nails.

Lavender Essential Oil is well known for its skin, hair, and nail benefits.

HEALTHY HABIT TIP: Add a drop of Lavender Essential Oil to your favorite mascara to encourage eyelash growth. Add a drop to your nail bed to promote healthy nails. Add a drop to irritated or sensitive skin. Dilute with a carrier oil if sensitivity occurs.

Lemon Essential Oil is helpful for greasy or oily skin and hair, as well as promoting a healthy nail bed. You can use the cleansing properties of Lemon on the skin, but just remember that this oil is photosensitive so you will need to protect any areas of the skin that have had exposure in the last 48-72 hours.

Frankincense Essential Oil promotes youthful looking skin.

HEALTHY HABIT TIP: Add a drop to your favorite moisturizer. You can also add a drop to the nail bed to promote strong nails.


• 2 Tbsp. Cacao Powder (add only for dark hair)

• 2 Tbsp. Arrowroot Starch (double for light hair)

• 3-6 drops Essential Oil

Mix ingredients and apply to scalp with a brush or fingers. Use Lemon Essential Oil for greasy hair. Use Lavender Essential Oil to promote healthy hair.

NOTE: Did you know you can take an entire class on Recipes for Every Day Beauty? If this class would be helpful, ask me for more information.


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